Here is a list of questions most frequently asked about Venture Horizon, our products, and our services.
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Yes. All Venture Horizon products require assembly. Usually, this is accomplished using only a phillips head screwdriver. The degree of difficulty is between easy to moderate but can require a significant amount of time. Click on the button on the right for access to all our Assembly Instruction Manuals.

All our products are made primarily from durable, stain resistant, “laminated wood composites”, that includes *mdf. *MDF, is a man-made fiberboard consisting of wood fibers and resin binders. It is known for its strength and stability. It is uniform in consistency and is knot free. It is structurally more stable than medium weight hardwood and it will not crack. Finishes adhere well to it, which results in a smooth end coat.

Here is a cam lock (top-left) and a cam bolt (bottom-right). They are made from metal and essential in the putting together of nearly all ready-to-assemble furniture.


The cam bolt is inserted into a pre-drilled insert in one of two panels to be joined. The cam lock is inserted into the other panel with the arrow facing out toward the closest edge of the panel.


If our line drawings are not all that clear perhaps these more detailed drawings will be helpful.

cam schematic all

Above is a detailed schematic showing the process of installing cam locks.

flagYes. All Venture Horizon products are manufactured right her in the USA. Our factory is located in Mira Loma, California. About 40 miles east of Los Angeles. This is also our f.o.b. shipping point.

Venture Horizon offers the following warranty…

Limited 1 Year Warranty

Venture Enterprises provides a limited 1-year consumer warranty against product defects. If a product proves to be defective in manufacturing, material or workmanship, a similar replacement part will be provided at no charge.

This warranty applies only to Venture Enterprises Products purchased from Venture Enterprises, our subsidiaries, a recognized Venture Enterprise retailer and to the original purchaser. It is NOT transferable. The warranty period begins from the date the product was purchased. This warranty is expressly limited to the replacement of components or parts having defects in manufacturing, workmanship or materials. No assembly labor is included. Replacement of parts does not extend this warranty or begin a new warranty period.

This warranty does NOT apply to normal wear and tear or to any product that has been improperly assembled, used for purposes other than the intended use, improperly cared for or altered in any way.

The consumer has purchased a “Ready to Assemble” product which involves “Do It Yourself” assembly, including: handling, transporting, assembling and erecting the product. Venture Enterprises shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages which may result in conjunction with the use of its products.

This warranty is in addition to any statutory warranty legislation in the jurisdiction where the product is purchased and does not exclude or limit your legal right.

Warranty service is available by contacting our Customer Service Department at 888.777.8250. You may also e-mail us at We will require Proof of Purchase, including the date of purchase as well as the retailer name and order number to process the claim. To ensure proper parts ordering, please use the model numbers and parts descriptions listed on the Assembly Instructions.

Product Care

We recommend that you simply wipe your units with a clean, damp cloth and then dry immediately with another clean cloth to maximize the life span and look of your product.
No. All of our products have a laminate finish, and should not be painted or varnished.
Every day liquids that are spilled and quickly wiped up will not damage our products. However, as with any wood-based furniture, continuous exposure to liquids or high humidity may cause damage.
Your safety is important to us. Our wall-mounted products come with secure, easy-to-install mounting systems, while our taller pieces include restraints to prevent tipping. Always be sure to assemble and install Venture Horizon furniture following the steps and safety measures outlined in the assembly instructions.